Adding Custom Animations

Open the Dress for Success Slide Footers presentation you completed in the previous activity. Save this activity as Dress for Success with Animations. A custom animation is group of effects that can be added to an object in PowerPoint. In this lesson you will add custom animations to your PowerPoint presentation.

To get to the Custom Animation section, click the Animation tab.

Animations Tab

In the Animations panel select Custom Animation to open the Custom Animation panel.

Custom Animations

First select the object you wish to animate. For this activity you will click in the title Dress for Success title placeholder.

Dress for Success

In the animation pane you will select an entrance animation. There are four effect types; Entrance, Emphasis, Exit, and Motion Paths.

Four Animation Types

Click on Add Effect, then Entrance, then select an Entrance type.

Add Entrance Effect

Click OK to apply the effect.

Next you will select a speed in which your animation will play.

Animation Speed

You will also determine how the animation will start. For this activity you will select On Click. When your mouse is clicked the effect will be played.

Start Animation

For more advanced animation options, double click the animation effect to open the advanced options dialog box.

Advanced Animation Options

To remove the animation, click on the animation you want to remove, then click the remove button.

Remove Animation

To reorder you animation simply click on the animation then click the up or down arrows at the bottom of the animation panel. To see your animations play click the play button.

Reorder Animation

Add an Entrance Effect to your name placeholder on the title slide.

For slides 2 & 3 add an entrance effect to the title and an emphasis effect to the bulleted list.

For slide 4 add an entrance effect to the title and an exit effect to your bulleted list.

Resave the presentation.