Quick Retouch

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Data File Hadling

Here is a link to Read and Display video   Data-File-Handling

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Intro video for Face editing

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Smooth Face

Smooth Face Step 1 Open your model picture. Remember that not all of girl ( woman) picture can be suitable for this retouching style. And you should choose a picture with high quality and your model skin is not too smooth( made up) or blurred, at least the pores should be visible. You can take a look at my [...]

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Text Effect Photoshop

The following assets were used during the production of this lesson.   Rust by struckdumb Fireworks0017_1 Medium—1067x1600 Fireworks0001_6 Medium—974x1600 Smoke0281 Medium—1132x1600 Smoke0282 Medium—1074x1600 Smoke0392 Medium—1067x1600 1. Creating the Background and the Text, and Styling the Text Step 1 Create a new 1740 x 1170 px document, and fill it with the color #111111. Then, create the text using the [...]

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Icon using Photoshop

1. Preparing the Canvas Make a new file in Photoshop (File > New). Set its size to 500 pixels × 500 pixels. Click the Add Adjustment Layer icon in the lower part of the Layers panel. Select Solid Color. Select light red (#db687b) for the color. Double-click the Solid Color layer and then activate Pattern Overlay. Set its mode to Multiply [...]

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